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Grandmaster Kragok

Greatest of the Dark Legion

Character: Grandmaster Kragok of the Dark Legion
Series/Fandom: Knuckles the Echidna (Archie Comics)
Age: mid-30s, never specified
Gender: Male
Species: Echidna
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Appearance: Grandmaster Kragok is on the tall end of normal Mobian height, being 3 feet and 7 inches tall. His weight, though unknown, is more than the normal Mobian's because of a number of cybernetic augmentations throughout his body, none so notable as his left eye and left forearm. The rest of his body is covered almost always in a ragged black tunic and billowing cloak held by a green clasp. Kragok's body underneath the clothing seems fit and muscular, but there are some signs of cybernetic augmentation on his torso. While only his face and hands (one artificial, one ever covered by a dark blue mitt) are usually visible, Kragok is red, much like Knuckles.

Kragok's obvious cybernetics are his left eye and left forearm. The left eye appears to be an enclosed metal orb with a secondary glowing orb of red inside it. The level of light from the orb is dependent on Kragok's will, meaning it doesn't immediately give his position away should he wish to sneak about. His left arm is normal from the shoulder to just below the elbow, but past that is a large metal cylinder, ending in a ball with three hinged claws for grip. At the end of the prosthetic arm is also some kind of panel in the center of what can only be calmed the palm of the gripping claws.

Kragok doesn't have spikes on his hands like Knuckles the Echidna does, those seem to be privy only to Guardians of the Floating Island. He has thick dreadlocks that appear to be part of his head rather than hair. His dark blue eye is normal for an Echidna, and it seems that in all ways short of the artificial enhancements, Kragok is merely a very healthy and fit echidna.

Personality: Kragok is loyal to a fault to the Dark Legion, serving them as Grandmaster and eager to help his organization. His pronounced hatred for the Brotherhood of Guardians, as well as the technophobic echidnas of Echidnaopolis is extreme, perhaps even obsessively so. His hatred for Knuckles, however, is acquired, though no less deep. He's generally neutral toward those he doesn't know, but he errs on the side of aggression against them, distrusting everyone not an Echidna Dark Legionnaire.

Abilities/Strengths: Kragok has no natural super powers, unlike other residents of the Sonic the Hedgehog 'verses. His powers are mental and artificial, but they put him on a par with some of the canon heroes. Kragok has been Grandmaster, leader of the Dark Legion for many years, and as such he is a very skilled tactician and leader, able to make reasonable tactical decisions even on the fly. He is perceptive, and mechanically inclined from his Dark Legion education, rounding his skills out in both field and administrative work.

Physically, his strength, constitution, agility and speed are all enhanced by his cybernetics, and the artificial left arm he possesses is stronger still, capable of striking someone and causing a fair amount of harm.

Weaknesses: Emotionally speaking, Kragok is proud. While not vain, he takes his pride seriously, and the Legion as well. Ignoring him leads to disdain and antagonism from him, while insults are met full on with measures usually just shy of lethal. While vicious and cold generally, he is extremely protective and a respective toward his family, especially his twin sister Lien-Da and Grandfather Dimitri.

Physically speaking, two things are Kragok's big weakness: water and EMPs. Water won't short him out or anything, but he's much heavier than a normal echidna due to his cybernetic augmentations. As a result, he sinks like a rock. EMPs affect him like any other Dark Legionnaire, knocking his cybernetics offlin temporarily. However, his systems are hardier than most, and usually only suffer a minor jolt from this.

History: Born to Luger and Merin-Da, leaders emeritus of the Dark Legion, Kragok and Lien-Da, his younger twin sister were reared and raised to be Legionnaires, dreaming of the day when the echidna technocracy would rise again. They had never known a lifestyle outside of the dark and savage one of growing up as outcasts, ruling among other outcasts in the Twilight Zone. With few peers their own age, and no friends, Kragok and Lien-Da sought solace in each other's company, and their mother and father. Kragok and Lien-Da could truly say they loved their parents, but a mysterious illness stole Merin-Da from them, and they were left alone, to grieve.

Luger remarried, but he never truly recovered from his first wife's death, becoming more and more absent as the days went by. He bore a second daughter, Julie-Su, the half-sister of Kragok and Lien-Da, whom the twins loathed and despised along with her mother. This tense family situation would not last long. Luger's second wife, Mari-Su, was brutally slain in a tragic accident (the extent of the twins' involvement murky, though they neither deny or nor affirm it). Luger lost all will to continue, and one day, he simply vanished, with nothing so much as a note to his twin children, now seventeen. Kragok and Lien-Da were oddly unaffected by their father's departure, and even went so far as to begin referring to Moritori Rex, their grandfather, as their father. Eventually Kragok and Lien-Da were recognized for their outstanding capabilities as Legionnaires, and, combined with their bloodline (being descended from Dimitri and Menniker themselves), assumed the titles of leaders of the Dark Legion, Kragok becoming Grandmaster, and Lien-Da taking the title Kommissar as Kragok's second-in-command.

Julie-Su remained as a normal soldier of the Dark Legion, forgotten by the twins as they made their plans to restore the Dark Legion to power. Kragok forgot his hatred of her almost in its entirety after taking over as Grandmaster, even going so far as to make Julie-Su one of his higher ranked soldiers. Being Grandmaster was arduous, but he had the advantage of spending quality time with his sister, something no one in their right mind would question. The two were family, twins, and the only children of Luger and Merin-Da; they were leaders of the Dark Legion beside, nothing unusual about it. Kragok slowly found his mind drifting as time went on to going outside. He began to think on the Guardians and what they did to the Legion with every generation, of the way the first Guardian, Steppenwolf, had banished the Dark Legion to the Twilight Zone in the first place.

Soon opportunity showed itself in the form of a breach between the Twilight Zone and Mobius Prime, their Zone of origin. Kragok ordered the Legion to make ready to leave the Twilight Zone, and soon enough, the entire collected forces of the Technocratic society had exited the Zone, to reclaim their home and birthright in Echidnaopolis. In this time, Kragok first came into contact with Knuckles. He saw an opportunity to ascertain the location of the one thing that could place the Legion into unchallenged power over the Echidnas, the Chaos Emerald Chamber. Knuckles refused to tell Kragok anything, instead actually defeating Kragok and his Dark Legion. The Legion escaped this time, but made plans to return.

Months later, during a christening of a memorial to the martyr the Dark Legion held by, Dimitri, a powerful being appeared from nowhere, destroying the statue by mistake. The being was Enerjak, once Dimitri, transformed by the events of centuries ago that had were responsible for the Brotherhood of Guardians. Kragok swore the Legion's service to his honored grandfather, and nearly conquered Echidnaopolis, and the Floating Island. However, another powerful being arrived and drained the power from Enerjak, defeating him. Without Dimitri's help, the Legion was routed, and Kragok was captured and jailed with several other Dark Legion members.

Still more months would pass before Kragok was heard from again. Knuckles, requiring answers about his past, visited Kragok in prison, questioning him heavily. Kragok refused to tell Knuckles anything, and the disagreement rapidly devolved into a full brawl. An accident occurred as a result of Kragok's Lightning Gun's energies combining with the natural energies emitting from Knuckles, and the two were sent into the Twilight Zone. The two continued fighting, until Kragok saw that he could not win against such a superior foe alone, and so he explained what Knuckles wished to hear. Knuckles found a portal out and Kragok followed, intending to trap Knuckles in the Twilight Zone himself as revenge for the decades of imprisonment the Legion had suffered. Another Guardian, Tobor, became aware of this and rushed to Knuckles' aid, tackling Kragok and dragging him with himself into the Twilight Zone once more, where he used the Guardian power he possessed to seal the portal behind him, trapping Kragok with himself in the Twilight Zone.

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